A Review of: A Review of My Review of Mike Cosimano’s Review

I got challenged on Twitter by Jonathan Holmes (Destructoid and Nintendo Force fame) to do a review of his review that he did on my review that I posted yesterday. And since I’m a college student literally doing nothing with my time I gladly accepted.

Jonathan comments on my blog named The Okay Quest right off the bat and I don’t blame him at all to be honest. I think it’s really dumb especially since I have a ‘the’ before the name. Okay Quest is my moniker online because one day I just wanted to make a new account and replaced Zach with an Okay. So now I’m just Okay Quest, which is ironic because this review of my okay review is just, well, okay. (If anyone want to refer to me by my real name Zach Quest is the right way to do so, since Zach Quest is my real name.)

Mr. Holmes then went on to point out that I was bashing Mike pretty hard in my review, which is quiet ironic since Mike was bashing the game and I bashed him for bashing Lethal League so Jonathan found it apt to bash me right back. It’s a huge circle of bashing that we have gone through here. There’s a line within that states:

Again, that’s ironic, as The Okay Quest also says in their review of Mike’s review that Mike is “destroying game journalism”, or something to that effect. Sounds to me like The Okay Quest has their own fair share of bagage about game journalism to work out!

Jonathan is right, I do have a lot of baggage about game journalism to work out. It’s true. There are so many reviewers I dislike and so many styles of reviews I have no taste for. Destructoid has always been one of my favorite sites, but their reviews are not of my taste.

The review of my review of Mikes’ review is something that I find multilayered, besides the obvious of. It is on one hand a criticism of myself, which I loved. And also a criticism of criticism as a whole. We’ve opened up a meta-narrative that I didn’t expect us to.

I went into this whole reviewing of Mikes’ review thing to be a shitter and kind of make a joke by over dramatizing a lot of my reactions to what he wrote. But  Jonathan has made me realize something about myself and something about my work within this field, we all have the same goal in mind, to talk about video games. Just because someone has no friends and can’t play a four player game, doesn’t mean I should bag on him. Maybe I should become the friend to take up the controller alongside Mike.

Overall, I think that Jonathan’s review of my review of Mikes’ Review was pretty great. I was laughing throughout the whole time reading it and I’m laughing while I am writing this. The fact that Jonathan read something I wrote is just a huge honor to me. I’m a nobody in this business and he traversed down to the slums of gaming journalism to bless me with a written piece about something I wrote. Games journalism isn’t half bad. And maybe I just don’t know shit about this field at all and I should keep my mouth shut and learn from people who are more successful than me.





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